Single Parenting

Parenthood combined with a career or school and providing for your family is a challenge. Here are some ways that allow you, as a parent, to use what’s around you and make the most out of your time with your child, yourself, and your family.

Simple ideas leading to simple solutions:

  • Take care of your neighbors’ pets when they go out of town for additional income.
  • Visit your local Women Infant Children (WIC) office and apply for assistance. To find the nearest WIC office, call 1-800-942-3678, or America’s Pregnancy Helpline at 1-800-672-2296.
  • Visit surplus, outlet, and thrift stores when shopping, such as Goodwill Stores, Salvation Army, Thrift Town, and Half Price Books.
  • Take care of friend’s little ones, or tutor a friend’s elementary student after school for a lower rate than local centers.
  • Sell products at home through Mary Kay (, Jafra (, Avon (, Tupperware (, Creative Memories (, Longaberger Baskets (, and others.
  • Check out local garage sale listings in Saturday papers.
  • Clip coupons for the items you need.
  • Market any special skills you have:
    1. During wedding or prom seasons, offer simple haircuts or up dos, as well as baked goods for extra cash.
    2. Dust off that old sewing machine and offer hemming and simple alterations for extra money.
    3. Write resumes or edit school term papers for cash.

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Last updated: 12/2006