Guidelines for Choosing an Agency

Choosing an adoption agency or attorney is a task in which there are several opportunities. Therefore, below is a list of suggestions of some ideas for both birthmothers and adoptive parents in making your decision.


  • Get referrals from friends or others that have adopted or have placed their child for adoption, or ask the an agency for a list of referrals
  • Ask how long the attorney has been doing this line of work
  • Find out if the attorney/agency has ever had any disrupted adoptions, and why
  • Seek out and develop a list of the attorneys that meet your basic needs
  • Find out what services they provide before and after the adoption
  • Find out the costs of the adoption and what must be covered by the birth family or the adoptive family
  • Ask if the agency places minority or biracial children
  • Find information on open verses closed adoption and the attorney’s views and experience with both types
  • Ask about the contract
  • Ask about Adoption Plans and Decrees
  • Inquire about the availability and credibility of counseling
  • Adoptive parents: Ask how long the average wait is for a couple in your situation
  • Adoptive parents: See what the procedures are on finding out the health of the child
  • Adoptive parents: Get an idea of how involved the birthparents’ parents are with the attorney, and find out how the attorney deals with birthfathers
  • Birthparents: See what procedures are on finding out the health of the adoptive parents

“Starting Adoption,” 1994.

Last updated: 12/2006