Questions to Ask Yourself

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, or a man finds out he is a father, they are never the same again. Every option has challenges and long term impact. Get in touch with yourself and what is happening physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by answering these questions. Call the Helpline at 1-866-942-6466 to discuss these if you need.

  • Have I confirmed my pregnancy by testing and sonogram?
  • Do I know exactly how far along I am?
  • Do I know for sure that I am having a viable pregnancy, not ectopic?
  • Have I been tested and treated for STD’s, that could be aggravated by an abortion?
  • What is happening in the fetus at this point?
  • Have I talked with a counselor about all of my options?
  • What are my reasons for an abortion? What are my reasons for parenting?
  • What would an adoption plan look like?
  • How did I feel about abortion before being in this situation?
  • What procedures are available at this point in the pregnancy?
  • What will happen during the procedure?
  • What are my short term and long term risks?
  • Does breast cancer run in my family?
  • How would I feel after an abortion?
  • What religious convictions do I have that would impact my decision?
  • Is anyone pressuring me to have an abortion?
  • Do I want to have children in the future?
  • What would conditions have to be like to continue a pregnancy?

Last updated: 02/2020