Chances are that if you are looking at this web site, you may be experiencing a pregnancy related issue. There are approximately 3 million unplanned pregnancies every year, so you are not alone with your questions. This website is designed to provide you with education and information about the things you want to know concerning pregnancy. Feel free to call the helpline and speak with someone confidentially if you have any further questions.

Health Info

This site is primarily geared towards teenagers and young adults.

Nurse Hotline: An educational site to get connected to nurse and other health care helplines.

Cord blood donation is one of the best ways that every pregnant mother can help make a difference in the lives of others.

Travel During Pregnancy

For those who are trying to get pregnant and looking for inspiration, you might find some good insights from the sites below. Similarly, if you are pregnant and wanting to travel, you may have questions about good destinations.

Seven Wonders: Protecting the original wonders of the world.

When To Go: A good site for pregnant moms to use for planning vacations and needing to know the best time to go to different destinations.

Natural Wonders of Africa – Discover the many wonderful wonders of nature found throughout Africa.