A Guy’s Perspective on Her Decision

So, your partner has just informed you she is pregnant…and you need to know how much of the decision-making process involves you. Too often, the “guy” has been characterized as someone who fails to accept responsibility, only offers ultimatums, or simply sneaks out of town. That stereotype becomes an accurate portrayal only if you fail to step up to the plate and learn more about the role afforded to you under current laws. Call the Helpline toll-free at 1-866-942-6466 to get answers to your questions. Take a look at the four situations where you need to know your rights and responsibilities.

  • Am I required to pay child support?
  • What custodial rights do I have as the father?
  • How is the situation affected if paternity is questionable?
  • Does the state require my signature to complete the adoption process?
  • Can I participate in the selection of the adoptive couple?
  • In an open adoption, am I able to maintain contact along with the birth mother?
  • Am I required to assist with expense of an abortion?
  • Do I have any rights if I do not support the decision to terminate?
  • Can I force my partner to terminate the pregnancy if I’m not ready to parent?

If you want to know what rights and responsibilities you have as a father, call.. We’ll put you in touch with professionals who can assist you with your questions. Don’t wait, call today.

Last updated: 02/2008